Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moving on to animation....

I have moved on from graphic interface design and am now taking and teaching 3D modeling and animation classes. I am excited to be doing both. I really want to learn more about animation. I am having some difficulty coming up with a story for my animated short, but I am working on it...I will post some images this weekend of my character design and some story ideas.

Monday, December 7, 2009

oops...two missing html demos...

Zen Garden/Css Demo
Spry Insert

Flash Website

Flash Website

I was much more comfortable working in flash versus html. The html site never seemed to work quite right no matter how much time I put into it. The formatting in Dreamweaver was not as intuitive as flash.

Flash demos

Targeting Demo
Buttons Demo

Shape Tween demo
Motion Tween Demo

initial html page

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flash Typography poster and animation

I was not very happy with how the poster turned out for this but I feel that the animation is more successful.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my html site or "a failure from which I learned alot"

So web design is much harder than I realized it would be and Dreamweaver kind of drove me crazy. I felt like I was not ever able to actually see what something would look like and I had to nudge divs and then view in browser so often I was hating Dreamweaver by the end of this project. I know that I was not creating this in the most optimal way and I did a project that was way, way too big in scope for my first project. I actually did not create a complete site because of it's size and I spent entirely too much time trying to make a complex navigation system work that ultimately was pointless because I had designed navigation to have redundancies. I will work on a much narrower project for my flash site and I will try to have a solid basic site instead of having things in it that I don't understand (like java script) and therefore cannot troubleshoot. I am not loving web design today, but I really felt (at around 3 am) that I was understanding a few things better.